Christmas PJ's

The best time of the year started early!

Almost DECEMBER 1st! I have never been one to have up my Christmas Tree this early! I hosted our Friendsgiving on the 17th of November and the very next day my tree was up! It was great for when my parents came over for Thanksgiving and the Christmas decor was out and it just made the setting so beautiful! Last year I was a little late on getting matching PJs for the family so this year, I randomly saw them in the store last week and bought them. So I wanted to get a head start on taking photos with my kids in our PJ’s.

Without further ado - I wanted to share with you the insanely cute pics - but also tell you how hard it was to get these kiddos to cooperate. Most of the time Charlie was screaming “no” and sitting in a corner! He is just so dang cute but stubborn. Jade half the time was flailing around so much that she just looked blurry in most of the photos. A lot of them ended up turning out adorable! So here you go! Enjoy!

^^^ You can shop the PJ’s right here as well! I listed the ones that my kids and I are wearing - as well as some other options that were just too cute not to post!

Holiday gift guide for HER

For your Mom, your Sister, Aunt, Step Mom, Best friend or Yourself ;)

Hi guys! I have chosen a few things that I have seen recently that I think would make great holiday gifts! Some of them I really want for myself! “hint hint Husband…” :)

If you are having trouble thinking of what to get and not wanting to spend an arm and a leg there are a few items on the list that will work for you! I know that my mom would really like some of the jewelry and blankets. Maybe thats where I got my blanket obsession from. I will most likely be continuing to add to this list, so stay tuned!

You are able to click below on a picture and shop from there! Happy Shopping!