Our 12 day trip in France!

My first time in Europe and I brought my kids!


Hello, my friends! Long time since I have written a blog post! I would like to get back into this and a good way to start is just break down my trip that I was just on! Maybe you didn't know, but I was just in France for 12 days at the end of June / beginning of July! It was so perfect and beautiful! So let just jump right in!

This trip was planned to go to my brother in laws wedding in France! It was my husband and I and our kids. My Mother and Father in law, My husband's sister, and her husband that all went to the wedding and also flew in from California!

Before we go any further - lets talk about children on the flight… 2 under 4 years old I might add. It wasn’t all that bad.. I did have a passenger in front me yell at my because of my two year old but thats another story. If anyone is taking a long flight with young kids, you need this! I linked a blow up foot rest per say. It basically is a bed for your toddler and makes it so easy and comfortable for the kids to lay down and sleep or just to chill! Check it out! You won’t regret it.

Anyway - since the trip was a little while ago I will say the high point of the trip were definitely being able to walk around and seeing the Eiffel Tower, I loved walking around downtown AIX and trying to figure out how NOT to get a parking ticket. Obviously the wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever been to! We went to Monaco for a few days and we ate dinner in Italy! I literally can’t wait to go back just to Italy. Then last but not least we went to Disneyland in Paris on our last day! The kids loved it so much! I will be posting some pics below from our trip. A lot more than what I had on instagram! Enjoy!


Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Winters in California

About a month ago, my hubs and I decided that we wanted to take the kids to Santa Cruz and walk around on the boardwalk. It ended up being the perfect weekend to go! The beginning of February I didn't expect it to be so hot! It ended up being about 80 degrees! I mean I am hardly surprised by anything that California throws our way... I mean its March and it ended up snowing in Sacremento... 

The kids and I and Carlos had a great time! We ended up playing some arcade games and waisted about $20 on a claw game and came out with one stuffed seahorse! We didn't end up being able to go on any rides because all the kids' rides were closed that day. We ended up buying them an ice cream cone that surprisingly Charlie wanted nothing to do with. We had Jades face painted and we ended up leaving and going to a nearby park! Overall it was a great day and I can't wait to go back when the rides are open!


I got my Bodysuit at Express (on clearance!) and my shoes at Target! Also, My necklace is from Wish!

Christmas In The Park

Adventures with my littles

Carlos and I, today thought it would be really fun to take the kids to Christmas in the park today in Downtown San Jose! We don't live too far and thought it would be fun to go during the day and take both kids on the rides and to see all the Christmas Decorations! My daughter Jade has been absolutely OBSESSED with Christmas this year. Always asking where Santa is and "mommy look at the Christmas lights!!!" every time we pass a house with lights... so like every 3 seconds to be exact! LOL Anyway! So we get there and she is super excited and wants to go on every single ride and Charlie is just in the back of our double stroller looking around and is fascinated. It was so cute to see them both light up so much! I was just super excited for the hot dog stands! Let's be real... 


Outfit Deets

I was loving the red top I wore today, I felt it went with so much of the decorations that were set up at Christmas in the park! It was a really nice material shirt and it definitely kept me warm. No jacket needed and it was in the 50's today.  You can find it HERE and they have it in black as well!

The boots I was wearing are actually pretty comfortable for having a little heel! They come just over the knee and they have strings in the back so that they don't slide down. They were priced pretty well so I just had to get them! You can find them HERE and they also have them in a tan color HERE.


First Ride Alone

ON a cute little side note, Jade is almost 4 now! She will be 4 in March. Today she went on a ride all by herself! It was a little car ride where the cars just go in circles. The ride said no one allowed over like 50 inches.. and I was the one who was scared! She got in the little car no problem. Mind you I did NOT see how fast the ride went before she went on. Thinking it would be a little on the slower side like the train we went on just merely 20 mins earlier... Which BTW I could not wait to get off. Probably went a good 2 MPH! I didn't think it was going to end! Anyway, for anyone who knows Jade knows that she is definitely here own little person and you will know if she doesn't like something. She will 100% let you know right away! She gets in this car and immediately is loving it and it hasn't even started. Charlie was too small to join her so that was a bummer. We also missed nap-time so I was trying to keep him calm. The second that the ride starts to go, Jade has this worried look on her face and I just thought to myself.. "ok here we go, we're going to have to stop the ride and let her off" BUT happy ending here she was so HAPPY! She absolutely loved it! She was screaming with joy and honking the horn on the car and screaming "Beep Beep" the whole ride! She was so excited about it when the ride was over and wouldn't stop talking about it all the way home. Even though this seems so small to someone else... It was a big step for me as a mom to watch her grow! :)



Here are some extra pictures that we had from Christmas in the park! Some of the cute little set ups that were there! I couldn't help but die over how cute they were!