San Diego Anniversary

Happy 5 year Wedding Anniversary!

This year for our anniversary my husband surprised me with a trip to San Diego! If anyone knows me, I am all about the warm weather and being in the sun and trying to tan. This year Carlos was trying to keep this a secret from me and I had no idea what we were doing I just knew we were doing something. I knew that we were trying to keep it a little low key this year since last year we took a trip to Kauai. I wrote a blog post about that and you can read that here! I was trying to figure out what we were doing this year and I made a joke one day and started asking questions and I mentioned San Diego and the look on his face just gave it away and I knew we were going there! We just laughed about it but I was super excited!

Anyway! We flew in on a Saturday Morning and we stayed at the Hilton Bay Front Hotel. It was so nice and our room had a beautiful view of the Ocean and the Coronado bridge. It reminds me of the first time Carlos and I took a trip together (which was for work) and we weren’t even dating yet! We shared our first kiss in downtown San Diego! So San Diego is a really special place for Carlos and I and I felt it was really special we stayed there for our 5 years!

Of course Carlos had Champagne waiting in our hotel room <3

Of course Carlos had Champagne waiting in our hotel room <3

After we flew in on Saturday, we went to THE BEST Mexican restaurant in “Old Town San Diego” called “Old Town Mexican Cafe”. I recommend getting the Carnitas plate! You will not be disappointed! We walked around after we ate and did a little shopping at the shops in the square. It was around 8 or 9PM and it was still warm outside! That’s what I love about San Diego, it just being warm at all times. We ended calling the night short because we were so tired (and lame) from our week and travels.

Sunday we did a few things, we went to my FAVORITE breakfast spot called “Breakfast Republic”. If you are ever in San Diego there are a few locations and you have to visit at least once! Also, I highly recommend you make this your “cheat meal” if you are following any type of diet. I came here last year and again this year and ordered the same thing because it’s so dang good! The “Mr.Presley” French toast is rolled with Peanut Butter with Bananas Fosters and Bacon!! Around lunch time, I really wanted to go downtown and ride scooters to our lunch spot, or just ride scooters because that was my idea of having fun! They don’t really have them where we live in Morgan Hill, CA. It was pretty cool because they were on every corner. We ended having lunch at one of my favorite lunch spots called Barley Mash. Theres an awesome outdoor seating area, except this time it started to rain! Thankfully we were under cover and the rain didn’t last long. I normally order there amazing burgers or Flatbreads.

Carlos really wanted to take me to see an old historic hotel “Hotel Del Coronado”. He wanted to show me around and tell me about the haunted history! I thought it was a beautiful hotel with a great location! Right on the beach! We were able to take a few pics and there was a cute little ice cream shop there so I was able to get my favorite - cookie dough and coffee!! There was also this cute home store right next to the ice cream shop AT the hotel, and it had such cute things! I wanted to buy so much but I wouldn’t have been able to fit it in my suitcase for the flight home.

The little two piece I wore was so cute! The boutique has a romper with the same print and I love it.

Anyway, we spend the rest of the day walking around downtown San Diego and walked by the yachts that were in front of our hotel… Does anyone else husband like to price out the Yachts that are in the parked in the harbor? or is it just mine… I think he likes to sit and daydream. They were gorgeous though! We ended up finishing the night at a cool new place I had never visited yet! It was called “Craft & Commerce”. It’s a very hipster cute vibe that it has going on from the decor to the food item names and drink names on the menu to the people that worked there and that were customers as well. I am no food critic, however I highly recommend going to this place to try it out. The food was definitely nothing short of amazing. I will most likely come back here on my next San Diego adventure.