Moon Acre Spa & Baths

The Cutest Spa in Northern California! - A must go!

Outdoor area of the Spa

Outdoor area of the Spa

MoonAcre Spa

Located in the Calistoga Motor Lodge

Moonacre Spa - You can find this cute little spa inside the Calistoga Motor Lodge Hotel! Located in the heart of Napa County California! The hotel is so cute and so modern! Attached to it, is Moonacre Spa. First impression was the inside of it was so quiet and calming, just how you imagine a spa should be. The ladies that were showing us around were so kind and very personable! The interior of the Spa was absolutely gorgeous, I loved how chic and trendy it was. Walking through to the back of the Spa is where they have a large outdoor open space with a lot of seating and a cute little water fountain! It was a pretty hot day but still felt so relaxing to be outside. The best way to describe it, was that it was comfortable! I absolutely love when I go to a spa and immediately feel that warm inviting feeling. That’s definitely what I felt.


The Spa treatments I ended up choosing to do were the Mud Bath “Perfectly Muddled” and a Bath Soak “The Splish Splash” in a gorgeous Clawfoot tub!

The Mud Bath was definitely my favorite. The Spa brought out 2 different Muds and a couple paint brushes. The White mud was for your face and inner legs and under arms - the Green Mud was for everywhere else. First the staff said to paid your front side and then you lay out in the sun and let the mud dry or mostly dry. Then you walk over to the showers and rinse it off and then you do the same to your back! The Mud is detoxifying and Dry skin is exfoliated off. Toxins are drawn out. Good minerals are infused in. And your skin is left baby-soft and oh-so-refreshed.

After the Mud Bath we were brought back into the spa and brought into their Bath room for the “Splish Splash”. They had 4 Baths in there all separated by curtains. The bath was already drawn and there was a bowl with a huge pink bath bomb - they also added a few oils that I was able to choose from with a Bath Bomb that was made of Epson Salt, Himalayan Salt and Breton Salt. The Salts and minerals are from around the world in combination with our coconut oil infused bath bombs

Overall, I really enjoyed being at the spa, It was a relaxing time with my husband who also enjoyed it. I can’t wait to go back and bring some of my girl friends for a Spa date! I will most likely go back for my favorite the “Perfectly Muddled”. They have a few other spa treatments that I want to go back and give a try!

The coziest outfit for in between Winter and Spring

Thanks for joining me again and coming to my blog!


HAPPY TUESDAY Y’ALL! I’m blown away last night watching The Bachelor on ABC! I just wasn’t ready to see Demi go home! I never thought she was going to win, but I definitely loved her BOLD attitude! Over the weekend we spent some time at my family’s house in Santa Rosa CA, it ended up raining on Saturday, but we were able to catch some nice sun on Sunday! My hubs and I were able to go out and do a little wine tasting! I made it through one flight and called it!

My outfit was one of my FAV things of the day, I just got this new sweater and just needed to share it with you! It was so cozy and I paired it with some of my staple white jeans!


COZIEST SWEATER - “Words Of Wisdom Light Grey Sweater” Size Small - color grey, comes in one other shade as well!

SKINNY JEANS - “Jamie High Waist Ankle Skinny Jeans” Size 26 - recommended to size up a size

CLUTCH - “Send It Along Snake Print Clutch” Super cute - actually holds plenty inside!

EARRINGS - “The One For It White And Gold Tortoise Acrylic Earrings” Super cute V different from other hoops


On Sunday we went wine tasting at a few locations in Sonoma County, CA. I love it up there and luckily my dad actually lives very close! Wearing a cute easy sweater and throwing on some cute jeans is probably my favorite thing to do, spicing it up with a cute clutch and hoops is just the icing I needed to go out and have a wine tasting date with my babes!


Christmas PJ's

The best time of the year started early!

Almost DECEMBER 1st! I have never been one to have up my Christmas Tree this early! I hosted our Friendsgiving on the 17th of November and the very next day my tree was up! It was great for when my parents came over for Thanksgiving and the Christmas decor was out and it just made the setting so beautiful! Last year I was a little late on getting matching PJs for the family so this year, I randomly saw them in the store last week and bought them. So I wanted to get a head start on taking photos with my kids in our PJ’s.

Without further ado - I wanted to share with you the insanely cute pics - but also tell you how hard it was to get these kiddos to cooperate. Most of the time Charlie was screaming “no” and sitting in a corner! He is just so dang cute but stubborn. Jade half the time was flailing around so much that she just looked blurry in most of the photos. A lot of them ended up turning out adorable! So here you go! Enjoy!

^^^ You can shop the PJ’s right here as well! I listed the ones that my kids and I are wearing - as well as some other options that were just too cute not to post!

Friendsgiving 2018

2nd Annual

Can we just talk about how fast 2018 has flow by?! Today is Thanksgiving! I have the day off from work and I am excited to be hosting my dad and mom over our house! —- If you are following my instagram stories - which I assume that’s how you found my website and blog you probably noticed I hosted a Friends giving the other day! It was our first actual get together that we have hosted in the new house besides my birthday (which was a mess because we were still living out of boxes from moving in). I wanted everything to be perfect! Of course with the help of one of my long time friends I was able to get the ideas from her and Pinterest and actually put it all together!

The Table

It was probably for me the most important part, because also I have never had a nice table setting like this. I wanted it to be perfect. I was able to find a lot of the things at Party City, like the table covers and the plates. I know they were plastic but thats OK! I was still super happy with it. We bought some cute garland at Target for the center piece and I had purchased extra pine cones as well! I had my husband buy some pumpkins and some popcorn kernels as well for a cute candle centerpiece.

All the girls that came I have mostly known since like Birth, Kindergarten and up to 6th grade as the latest which still comes out to over 10 years of knowing each other. Which I love the most about my group of friends. We have stuck together through thick and thin and are still by each others sides.

ANYWAY - before I get too mushy there, The FOOD! Last year we did it potluck style, and we decided that this year that would be the best bet! That way its not just 1-2 people cooking everything for everyone. My hubby was the one that actually did all of our cooking! I know - I am pretty lucky… He made the turkey, the stuffing, the gravy, a brussel sprout side dish, he put together a cheese board and purchased a ton of wine and even put it out in a nice way for our friends. We had our friends make a Mac and Cheese and the cheese sauce was from scratch, we had a green bean casserole, mashed potatoes of course, and salad and Dinner rolls. It was almost too perfect.

My outfit - I ended up wearing something super simple, I threw on some black jeans, I put on a Black sweater I just bought from Express and my new favorite Leopard Booties that I have had for a while and finally had a chance to wear!.

Our 12 day trip in France!

My first time in Europe and I brought my kids!


Hello, my friends! Long time since I have written a blog post! I would like to get back into this and a good way to start is just break down my trip that I was just on! Maybe you didn't know, but I was just in France for 12 days at the end of June / beginning of July! It was so perfect and beautiful! So let just jump right in!

This trip was planned to go to my brother in laws wedding in France! It was my husband and I and our kids. My Mother and Father in law, My husband's sister, and her husband that all went to the wedding and also flew in from California!

Before we go any further - lets talk about children on the flight… 2 under 4 years old I might add. It wasn’t all that bad.. I did have a passenger in front me yell at my because of my two year old but thats another story. If anyone is taking a long flight with young kids, you need this! I linked a blow up foot rest per say. It basically is a bed for your toddler and makes it so easy and comfortable for the kids to lay down and sleep or just to chill! Check it out! You won’t regret it.

Anyway - since the trip was a little while ago I will say the high point of the trip were definitely being able to walk around and seeing the Eiffel Tower, I loved walking around downtown AIX and trying to figure out how NOT to get a parking ticket. Obviously the wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I had ever been to! We went to Monaco for a few days and we ate dinner in Italy! I literally can’t wait to go back just to Italy. Then last but not least we went to Disneyland in Paris on our last day! The kids loved it so much! I will be posting some pics below from our trip. A lot more than what I had on instagram! Enjoy!


Surprise Birthday for my Hubby

How to surprise your husband for his Birthday the right way! If he loves SF and Steak.

My Husbands birthday is on December 23d. So close to Christmas! Sometimes its hard to get away or even plan big things because of the Holidays! Also, our son's Birthday is December 21st. This month for work, Carlos traveled to the East Coast (NJ) twice! One whole week in the beginning of December and then another week the 3rd week of December. I wanted to make this year extra special because our kids were a little older,  so they can be with a sitter overnight with no issues. Jade and Charlie love their babysitter so that definitely helps. I ended up choosing a hotel that we can stay at and a nice steakhouse that we can try together that neither of us has been to!   

The Hotel

We have stayed at many hotels in SF throughout our relationship! I always think its fun to go somewhere new so I decided on Hotel Nikko! It was right on Mason Street! Walking distance away from Union Square! We were on the 20th Floor, where the view was fantastic with all the city lights! Our cute room with a king-size bed was definitely one for the books! The entire lobby/ hallways were fully MARBLE! It was beautiful. They were all set up for Christmas too with the Tree in the front lobby - which was incredible. 

Best Steak Restaurant

Granted I have not been to many Steakhouses but I have been to my fair share and especially in San Fransisco. ( House of Prime Rib, Fogo De Chão, Mortons) To name a few. Tonight I surprised my Husband and took him to 5A5, one of the higher rated places in SF! O.M.G it was amazing... not only the food but the atmosphere was perfect! Our Server to start was really awesome and really took care of us! The kitchen was by far amazing. They kept sending us out little tasters "compliments from the chef". From the Wine down to the Steak and Dessert, it was really tasty and definitely worth the price. Carlos owns a few restaurants so he was really really excited the Chef kept sending things out! He downed his steak and ran down the street to the nearest Safeway (2 min walk) and he grabbed a 24 pack of beer and handed it straight to the head Chef! As weird as that sounds walking into a 4.5-star restaurant the whole kitchen was ecstatic. From the wine down to the steak and dessert it had the wow-factor and was definitely worth the price. Here are the things that we ordered in order and the pictures of the dishes below!

  1. Rosé - Liquid Farm "Vogelzang Vineyard" Rose, Santa Barbara, Ca 2016

  2. Red Wine - Taken "Red Blend" Napa Valley 2014

  3. Truffle Fries - white truffle oil and sriracha aioli

  4. Hamachi Spoon - Uni, pickled seaweed, strawberry - kimchi furikake, aji ceviche, ponzu

  5. Crustini - with brie cheese and mixed fruit jam
  6. Filet Mignon - Green garlic sauce, roasted garlic, demi-glace, micro parsley
  7. Mango Spoon - Mango & Chili gelatin with white chocolate
  8. Asparagus - Pesto, snap pea, quail egg, prosciutto, hickory smoked goat cheese
  9. Truffled Mac & Cheese - (we added lobster) Gruyere, mozzarella, cheddar
  10. Mandarin jelly - with mint and pistachio & mint mandolin
  11. Happy Birthday - plate covered in chocolate sauce and cake with candle of course
  12. Chocolate nuts and berries -  Chocolate 5 ways - ice cream - cookie - gelatin - mousse - cake

My favorite "night out" outfit

I've wanted a black jumpsuit for a while, but have been having a hard time finding one that fits me in all the right places. I ended up finding this jumpsuit on a whim and I got it on sale for $20! I loved it! You can find it here.  You can also find my necklace here. Shoes here.



Birthday Extras!

A few extra things that I had for him and walking downtown to union square.

Christmas In The Park

Adventures with my littles

Carlos and I, today thought it would be really fun to take the kids to Christmas in the park today in Downtown San Jose! We don't live too far and thought it would be fun to go during the day and take both kids on the rides and to see all the Christmas Decorations! My daughter Jade has been absolutely OBSESSED with Christmas this year. Always asking where Santa is and "mommy look at the Christmas lights!!!" every time we pass a house with lights... so like every 3 seconds to be exact! LOL Anyway! So we get there and she is super excited and wants to go on every single ride and Charlie is just in the back of our double stroller looking around and is fascinated. It was so cute to see them both light up so much! I was just super excited for the hot dog stands! Let's be real... 


Outfit Deets

I was loving the red top I wore today, I felt it went with so much of the decorations that were set up at Christmas in the park! It was a really nice material shirt and it definitely kept me warm. No jacket needed and it was in the 50's today.  You can find it HERE and they have it in black as well!

The boots I was wearing are actually pretty comfortable for having a little heel! They come just over the knee and they have strings in the back so that they don't slide down. They were priced pretty well so I just had to get them! You can find them HERE and they also have them in a tan color HERE.


First Ride Alone

ON a cute little side note, Jade is almost 4 now! She will be 4 in March. Today she went on a ride all by herself! It was a little car ride where the cars just go in circles. The ride said no one allowed over like 50 inches.. and I was the one who was scared! She got in the little car no problem. Mind you I did NOT see how fast the ride went before she went on. Thinking it would be a little on the slower side like the train we went on just merely 20 mins earlier... Which BTW I could not wait to get off. Probably went a good 2 MPH! I didn't think it was going to end! Anyway, for anyone who knows Jade knows that she is definitely here own little person and you will know if she doesn't like something. She will 100% let you know right away! She gets in this car and immediately is loving it and it hasn't even started. Charlie was too small to join her so that was a bummer. We also missed nap-time so I was trying to keep him calm. The second that the ride starts to go, Jade has this worried look on her face and I just thought to myself.. "ok here we go, we're going to have to stop the ride and let her off" BUT happy ending here she was so HAPPY! She absolutely loved it! She was screaming with joy and honking the horn on the car and screaming "Beep Beep" the whole ride! She was so excited about it when the ride was over and wouldn't stop talking about it all the way home. Even though this seems so small to someone else... It was a big step for me as a mom to watch her grow! :)



Here are some extra pictures that we had from Christmas in the park! Some of the cute little set ups that were there! I couldn't help but die over how cute they were!