Sip & Shop at Vici dolls store in Walnut Creek CA

Sippin’ & Shoppin’

If you are not sure who Vici is I will go ahead and link them here. (not an ad) My new momma friend Tiffany hosted a Meet & Greet (Sip & Shop) at their store in Sunny Walnut Creek, CA. I believe they only have 2 stores. I have been there a few times, but it had been a good while since I have been because I live about an hour away!

I have been following Tiffany for quite some time now! All the way back when we were doing makeup professionally and were in the wedding and freelance industry! I had never met her and I knew that she had a daughter (who is as cute as can be!) around the same age as my daughter. So it was awesome to finally meet her in person. She is so sweet and is definitely a great host!

The event was so cute and fun. She was greeting everyone as we arrived and gave me the cutest mini bottle of Rose Champagne and there was a cute little snack area as well! Since the last time being in Vici they have added SO MUCH MORE stock in their stores and its very obvious that they have expanded and grown as a company. Which is absolutely awesome to see knowing that maybe 2-3 years ago they were a small boutique that maybe sold their stuff online only.

The day was so much fun being able to shop around and talk with Tiffany a bit more and getting to know her background and what her passions were! I honestly can’t wait for the next event they have because it was just so fun meeting other bloggers!

Here are my outfit deets in shopping form :)