YES! I still do Wedding Makeup!

Wait, I do makeup too??

I wanted to make a post about this for a while. I kind of "archived" all my makeup and makeup work on my Instagram... I was finding that my lifestyle had me limited to the amount of makeup I could post. I didn't have time anymore to just do "fun" or "creative" makeup on myself and many of my clients I wasn't able to grab photos of.  So I felt like I was forcing any type of content or reposting any content that I had. 

I have started just posting lifestyle stuff, then started my blog, so I have more "free range" of what my content could be. My life, kids, makeup, anything!

This post could not have been more of a perfect timing because I just did my first wedding of 2018! She has been a long time friend of mine. Since maybe 7th grade or so! I made an exception for her because I had decided shortly before she booked me that I wouldn't do too many more weddings because I was trying to step into my career in the business world.


After I was done with 10 girls on her special day, I left feeling really accomplished. I felt that makeup has and always will be my calling.  I love being artisic and I love when the ladies sort of just let me have fun with it!


SO long story short, YES! I still do wedding makeup!

I have a contact form on my website or you can contact me through Instagram @beautybymejenb

Here are some of my past clients and I will keep updating on where I am at with my work.  Some photos are mine and with my Iphone, some are professional photographers and I can't remember them all! If you see your work and would like to be tagged. I apologize and please contact me!

Photographers :

Forty Eleven Photography

Kandace Photography