Surprise Birthday for my Hubby

How to surprise your husband for his Birthday the right way! If he loves SF and Steak.

My Husbands birthday is on December 23d. So close to Christmas! Sometimes its hard to get away or even plan big things because of the Holidays! Also, our son's Birthday is December 21st. This month for work, Carlos traveled to the East Coast (NJ) twice! One whole week in the beginning of December and then another week the 3rd week of December. I wanted to make this year extra special because our kids were a little older,  so they can be with a sitter overnight with no issues. Jade and Charlie love their babysitter so that definitely helps. I ended up choosing a hotel that we can stay at and a nice steakhouse that we can try together that neither of us has been to!   

The Hotel

We have stayed at many hotels in SF throughout our relationship! I always think its fun to go somewhere new so I decided on Hotel Nikko! It was right on Mason Street! Walking distance away from Union Square! We were on the 20th Floor, where the view was fantastic with all the city lights! Our cute room with a king-size bed was definitely one for the books! The entire lobby/ hallways were fully MARBLE! It was beautiful. They were all set up for Christmas too with the Tree in the front lobby - which was incredible. 

Best Steak Restaurant

Granted I have not been to many Steakhouses but I have been to my fair share and especially in San Fransisco. ( House of Prime Rib, Fogo De Chão, Mortons) To name a few. Tonight I surprised my Husband and took him to 5A5, one of the higher rated places in SF! O.M.G it was amazing... not only the food but the atmosphere was perfect! Our Server to start was really awesome and really took care of us! The kitchen was by far amazing. They kept sending us out little tasters "compliments from the chef". From the Wine down to the Steak and Dessert, it was really tasty and definitely worth the price. Carlos owns a few restaurants so he was really really excited the Chef kept sending things out! He downed his steak and ran down the street to the nearest Safeway (2 min walk) and he grabbed a 24 pack of beer and handed it straight to the head Chef! As weird as that sounds walking into a 4.5-star restaurant the whole kitchen was ecstatic. From the wine down to the steak and dessert it had the wow-factor and was definitely worth the price. Here are the things that we ordered in order and the pictures of the dishes below!

  1. Rosé - Liquid Farm "Vogelzang Vineyard" Rose, Santa Barbara, Ca 2016

  2. Red Wine - Taken "Red Blend" Napa Valley 2014

  3. Truffle Fries - white truffle oil and sriracha aioli

  4. Hamachi Spoon - Uni, pickled seaweed, strawberry - kimchi furikake, aji ceviche, ponzu

  5. Crustini - with brie cheese and mixed fruit jam
  6. Filet Mignon - Green garlic sauce, roasted garlic, demi-glace, micro parsley
  7. Mango Spoon - Mango & Chili gelatin with white chocolate
  8. Asparagus - Pesto, snap pea, quail egg, prosciutto, hickory smoked goat cheese
  9. Truffled Mac & Cheese - (we added lobster) Gruyere, mozzarella, cheddar
  10. Mandarin jelly - with mint and pistachio & mint mandolin
  11. Happy Birthday - plate covered in chocolate sauce and cake with candle of course
  12. Chocolate nuts and berries -  Chocolate 5 ways - ice cream - cookie - gelatin - mousse - cake

My favorite "night out" outfit

I've wanted a black jumpsuit for a while, but have been having a hard time finding one that fits me in all the right places. I ended up finding this jumpsuit on a whim and I got it on sale for $20! I loved it! You can find it here.  You can also find my necklace here. Shoes here.



Birthday Extras!

A few extra things that I had for him and walking downtown to union square.