YES! I still do Wedding Makeup!

Wait, I do makeup too??

I wanted to make a post about this for a while. I kind of "archived" all my makeup and makeup work on my Instagram... I was finding that my lifestyle had me limited to the amount of makeup I could post. I didn't have time anymore to just do "fun" or "creative" makeup on myself and many of my clients I wasn't able to grab photos of.  So I felt like I was forcing any type of content or reposting any content that I had. 

I have started just posting lifestyle stuff, then started my blog, so I have more "free range" of what my content could be. My life, kids, makeup, anything!

This post could not have been more of a perfect timing because I just did my first wedding of 2018! She has been a long time friend of mine. Since maybe 7th grade or so! I made an exception for her because I had decided shortly before she booked me that I wouldn't do too many more weddings because I was trying to step into my career in the business world.


After I was done with 10 girls on her special day, I left feeling really accomplished. I felt that makeup has and always will be my calling.  I love being artisic and I love when the ladies sort of just let me have fun with it!


SO long story short, YES! I still do wedding makeup!

I have a contact form on my website or you can contact me through Instagram @beautybymejenb

Here are some of my past clients and I will keep updating on where I am at with my work.  Some photos are mine and with my Iphone, some are professional photographers and I can't remember them all! If you see your work and would like to be tagged. I apologize and please contact me!

Photographers :

Forty Eleven Photography

Kandace Photography

Surprise Birthday for my Hubby

How to surprise your husband for his Birthday the right way! If he loves SF and Steak.

My Husbands birthday is on December 23d. So close to Christmas! Sometimes its hard to get away or even plan big things because of the Holidays! Also, our son's Birthday is December 21st. This month for work, Carlos traveled to the East Coast (NJ) twice! One whole week in the beginning of December and then another week the 3rd week of December. I wanted to make this year extra special because our kids were a little older,  so they can be with a sitter overnight with no issues. Jade and Charlie love their babysitter so that definitely helps. I ended up choosing a hotel that we can stay at and a nice steakhouse that we can try together that neither of us has been to!   

The Hotel

We have stayed at many hotels in SF throughout our relationship! I always think its fun to go somewhere new so I decided on Hotel Nikko! It was right on Mason Street! Walking distance away from Union Square! We were on the 20th Floor, where the view was fantastic with all the city lights! Our cute room with a king-size bed was definitely one for the books! The entire lobby/ hallways were fully MARBLE! It was beautiful. They were all set up for Christmas too with the Tree in the front lobby - which was incredible. 

Best Steak Restaurant

Granted I have not been to many Steakhouses but I have been to my fair share and especially in San Fransisco. ( House of Prime Rib, Fogo De Chão, Mortons) To name a few. Tonight I surprised my Husband and took him to 5A5, one of the higher rated places in SF! O.M.G it was amazing... not only the food but the atmosphere was perfect! Our Server to start was really awesome and really took care of us! The kitchen was by far amazing. They kept sending us out little tasters "compliments from the chef". From the Wine down to the Steak and Dessert, it was really tasty and definitely worth the price. Carlos owns a few restaurants so he was really really excited the Chef kept sending things out! He downed his steak and ran down the street to the nearest Safeway (2 min walk) and he grabbed a 24 pack of beer and handed it straight to the head Chef! As weird as that sounds walking into a 4.5-star restaurant the whole kitchen was ecstatic. From the wine down to the steak and dessert it had the wow-factor and was definitely worth the price. Here are the things that we ordered in order and the pictures of the dishes below!

  1. Rosé - Liquid Farm "Vogelzang Vineyard" Rose, Santa Barbara, Ca 2016

  2. Red Wine - Taken "Red Blend" Napa Valley 2014

  3. Truffle Fries - white truffle oil and sriracha aioli

  4. Hamachi Spoon - Uni, pickled seaweed, strawberry - kimchi furikake, aji ceviche, ponzu

  5. Crustini - with brie cheese and mixed fruit jam
  6. Filet Mignon - Green garlic sauce, roasted garlic, demi-glace, micro parsley
  7. Mango Spoon - Mango & Chili gelatin with white chocolate
  8. Asparagus - Pesto, snap pea, quail egg, prosciutto, hickory smoked goat cheese
  9. Truffled Mac & Cheese - (we added lobster) Gruyere, mozzarella, cheddar
  10. Mandarin jelly - with mint and pistachio & mint mandolin
  11. Happy Birthday - plate covered in chocolate sauce and cake with candle of course
  12. Chocolate nuts and berries -  Chocolate 5 ways - ice cream - cookie - gelatin - mousse - cake

My favorite "night out" outfit

I've wanted a black jumpsuit for a while, but have been having a hard time finding one that fits me in all the right places. I ended up finding this jumpsuit on a whim and I got it on sale for $20! I loved it! You can find it here.  You can also find my necklace here. Shoes here.



Birthday Extras!

A few extra things that I had for him and walking downtown to union square.

Anniversary Trip to Kauai

The trip of my DREAMS!

I am not sure if I can honestly fit all this in one post! Also a part of me doesn't even know where to start! It was the most amazing thing that someone has ever done for me! Lets start back in June. My husband decided to put some $$ away and I kept pressuring him to tell me what was going on and what he was putting the money aside for. The way that I found out that we were doing a vacation somewhere is, I was at work and I was notified on our scheduling system that my "time-off" was approved! To me I was like "what? Time off? I don't remember asking for time off.." I took a look into it and it was for a week in September! The week of our Anniversary. For those of you who don't know, Carlos and I work together. We have worked at an awesome startup for about a year and a half! Anyway, at that point I still didn't know where we were going.. Carlos has been known to always plan secrets and surprise me with things and he's so good at keeping a secret! Fast forward to a few weeks before we were leaving with me still no idea where we are going and he wouldn't confirm or deny this "trip". We were sitting on our couch one night and he texts me a picture of a beach, no words just the beach. (Our entire relationship he has always talked about taking me to Kauai) I loved how beautiful the beach was and asked him if this is where we were going and for whatever reason I decided to just google the word "Kauai" and the same exact picture was on the internet under KAUAI that Carlos had just sent me!!! The rest was history! 

The Hotel

The hotel that we stayed at was absolutely beautiful! The pools they had to the room all the way to the short walk and we were on the beach! We stayed at the Kauai Beach Resort. I was happy to stay on an island that was a bit more "quiet" and I was able to relax for an entire week on a beach! I think my favorite part of the resort was we stayed in the back building and right outside was the beach. We would walk out there in the morning when we couldn't sleep due to jet lag/ excitement that we were actually in KAUAI! You can check out the resort here :)

The Outfits

Shopping for Kauai was probably half the fun! I was so excited to stock up on summer dresses and have a few more swimsuits in my arsenal! I was trying to find as many summer dresses and rompers that I could and I probably did all this like 2 months in advance.  I didn't even end up wearing a lot of what I brought because we were just lounging the whole time and relaxing by the beach or pool. 


Excursions... There were so many people telling me that I have to do this while I am there or do that! So Here is what we ended up doing and what we had the time for!

1. The first thing that we ended up doing was going on a hike. There is a trail that the locals had told to us about hiking down to see natural waterfalls that fall into this private secluded area where you can swim and just hang out. I love hiking, even though I rarely do it! I was super excited! I brought my hiking shoes and every thing. I was thinking that maybe we would be on a trail or something.. NO. The beginning of this hike was straight down. You had to climb under branches and big limbs of the tree and hold on to the roots so that you didn't fall. Locals had put rope going down to help as well. But it was really muddy so it was a little sketchy. But overall it was super great! I had a blast! Carlos ended up being super sore the next day. But it was worth it because it was so so beautiful! You can click HERE for the map to see where its at and find more information about it too!

2. The second thing that we were able to do was go tubing in the old Sugar Cane Canal! This one was a little less adventurous. It was not like raging waters, but just to go through all the tunnels was pretty awesome to see! We went through about 5 tunnels and we wore hard hats that had lights on them and the last tunnel they had us turn off the lights for. It was pretty scary because it was pitch black sitting on a tube floating on water. The total time that we were floating down the canals was only about 45 mins. So if you have 45 minutes on your trip to Kauai you can learn a little bit about their culture and just see some really really awesome views when you get to the top of the mountain!

3. Last but not least and my favorite adventure we did on the trip. We went Snorkeling on the BEAUTIFUL Na Pali Coast! I highly recommend that you go with the company called Go Blue Adventures. Ask for our Captains: J-Sea and Duke! They were amazing and made the day so fun! The boat that we went on was an old Navy sea boat! It was so awesome! We were able to go in to some caves with the boat and see parts of the island that you can only get to by hiking or if you fly over in a helicopter.  I have only been snorkeling once in my life and I was pretty young but I do remember stepping on Vana (Sea Urchin) and the stingers got stuck in my foot. So this time around I was a little scared to say the least. HOWEVER, this was the BEST EXPERIENCE of my LIFE!!!!! Go Blue Adventures definitely curved my fear of snorkeling. Although, I did scream underwater when I saw a turtle AND when Captain J-Sea and Duke were throwing pineapple near me in the water causing all the fish to swim very closely. For anyone who doesn't know me... I can't stand when fish touch me in the water. Again, I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to go snorkling!

A little something extra <3

Here are some extra pictures of adventures that we did and some places that we were able to eat at! I can't wait to visit this island again it was the most amazing experience I have ever had!

Christmas In The Park

Adventures with my littles

Carlos and I, today thought it would be really fun to take the kids to Christmas in the park today in Downtown San Jose! We don't live too far and thought it would be fun to go during the day and take both kids on the rides and to see all the Christmas Decorations! My daughter Jade has been absolutely OBSESSED with Christmas this year. Always asking where Santa is and "mommy look at the Christmas lights!!!" every time we pass a house with lights... so like every 3 seconds to be exact! LOL Anyway! So we get there and she is super excited and wants to go on every single ride and Charlie is just in the back of our double stroller looking around and is fascinated. It was so cute to see them both light up so much! I was just super excited for the hot dog stands! Let's be real... 


Outfit Deets

I was loving the red top I wore today, I felt it went with so much of the decorations that were set up at Christmas in the park! It was a really nice material shirt and it definitely kept me warm. No jacket needed and it was in the 50's today.  You can find it HERE and they have it in black as well!

The boots I was wearing are actually pretty comfortable for having a little heel! They come just over the knee and they have strings in the back so that they don't slide down. They were priced pretty well so I just had to get them! You can find them HERE and they also have them in a tan color HERE.


First Ride Alone

ON a cute little side note, Jade is almost 4 now! She will be 4 in March. Today she went on a ride all by herself! It was a little car ride where the cars just go in circles. The ride said no one allowed over like 50 inches.. and I was the one who was scared! She got in the little car no problem. Mind you I did NOT see how fast the ride went before she went on. Thinking it would be a little on the slower side like the train we went on just merely 20 mins earlier... Which BTW I could not wait to get off. Probably went a good 2 MPH! I didn't think it was going to end! Anyway, for anyone who knows Jade knows that she is definitely here own little person and you will know if she doesn't like something. She will 100% let you know right away! She gets in this car and immediately is loving it and it hasn't even started. Charlie was too small to join her so that was a bummer. We also missed nap-time so I was trying to keep him calm. The second that the ride starts to go, Jade has this worried look on her face and I just thought to myself.. "ok here we go, we're going to have to stop the ride and let her off" BUT happy ending here she was so HAPPY! She absolutely loved it! She was screaming with joy and honking the horn on the car and screaming "Beep Beep" the whole ride! She was so excited about it when the ride was over and wouldn't stop talking about it all the way home. Even though this seems so small to someone else... It was a big step for me as a mom to watch her grow! :)



Here are some extra pictures that we had from Christmas in the park! Some of the cute little set ups that were there! I couldn't help but die over how cute they were!


My Current Beauty Routine

Have a look into my current beauty routine!

Welcome to my blog! This is my first post and I am starting with my current makeup/ beauty routine! These are the products I use when I have more than my regular "5 minutes" in the morning. I will probably wear this if I am going to hang out with friends or family. I like to think of it as an elevated version of my 5 minute makeup challenge that I do every morning! One day maybe I'll post the 5 minute makeup challenge - kids and all...  

Best Beauty Routine.jpg

1. Evelyn Iona - Green Tea Primer  - I received this in my Lip Monthly bag! I really do love this primer I notice a difference in how long my makeup ends up lasting - also I love that there is green tea in this because it definitely helps with the redness I experience from the acne I am dealing with. 

2. Esteé Lauder - Double Wear Foundation - TBH this was my first time trying this "oil-free" "oil-controlling" Matte foundation. So far so good. It is a medium to full coverage foundation and it states 24 hour wear! Compared to other products I use.. I am in love so far! The color I am wearing is "2w1 Dawn". 

3. MAC - Select Cover Up Concealer - NW-20. I am wearing this product under my eyes and I just love this color and how it sets on my skin! It also has a matte finishEsteé.

4. Laura Mercier - Translucent Powder - ALL TIME FAVORITE... I honestly can't even remember what I was wearing before. I love to "bake" with this powder and I also love to set my foundation with it and its my go-to when I use it on my Bridal clients for the makeup to stay ALL DAY! 

5. Benefit - Hoola - Because what other contour/ bronzing powder?? It is my holy grail and has been for years! My clients love it and it just seems to look amazing on most every skin tone. 

6. MAC - Give me Sun Bronzer - This is my favorite bronzer for giving me some extra color when I am feeling like I need some SUN!

7. & 8. MAC - Gingerly and Cantaloupe are my go to everyday blushes, I really love how these two look together!

9. MAC - Beaming Blush Highlight - It has really pretty gold and pink reflects in it and Im OBSESSED... I pretty much have been wearing it everyday of my life since I purchased it in July - also haven't even made a dent in it! So its definitely worth the money!

10. Becca - Champagne Pop - First.. finally something other than MAC.. geez who do I think I am. Any way if you don't know I'm pretty much in love with Jaclyn Hill... everything she does. Regardless of my love for her. This really is a beautiful product and its golden and sparkly what more do I need to say?

11. NYX - Micro Brow Pencil - When I found this I was really happy because its and exact dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow wiz. I use the shade Ash brown and it definitely takes A LOT less time in the morning to do my brows compared to maybe powder or a pomade. 

12.  Morphe - Jaclyn Hill Palette - Need I say more? 

13. Cover Girl - Plumpify Mascara - I use the water proof one, I also feel I haven't found my go to Mascara but this one has been pretty good so far.

14. Ardell - Demi 120 Lashes -  I don't wear lashes every day but for the "everyday look" these are my go-to lashes.

15. MAC - Patisserie - 2 words - Nude and Pink!

16. MAC - Oak Lip Liner - Lighter brown lip liner that goes well with many lipsticks!